Convince stakeholders with realistic 'Art-of-Possible' design and Gen AI prototypes.

If you work at an enterprise, you are familiar with this routine: you have an innovative concept, create decks, and market requirement documents (MRDs) to present your vision to stakeholders. However, it's challenging to effectively communicate your concept, secure buy-in, and this often leads to endless iterations.

What if your stakeholders could experience the final version of your idea as if it had already been implemented, enabling them to assess its business viability directly?

As demonstrated in Google Ventures Design Sprint and Amazon’s Working Backwards methodology:

Visualize your idea in 2 weeks
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a high-fidelity, realistic prototype is worth a million insights.
Secure internal buy-in
Showcase the realistic future-state with prototypes to compellingly and effectively win over partners.
Reduce iterations
Dramatically cut down on back-and-forth by presenting clear, concise representations of your future product.

A tailored initiative for busy leaders: Achieve remarkable results with only 10 hours of your time.

The program is specifically designed and customized for digital initiatives and engineering leaders.

See remarkable results with minimal time investment of just 10 hours of your time.

We deliver art-of-possible designs and Gen AI prototypes that clearly articulate your vision.


Transform your disruptive concept into a tangible prototype that clearly articulates your vision.

Day 1



Job interviews

Day 2

Journey mapping

Inspiration demos

Day 3

Journey mapping


Day 4



Day 5 - Day 10

Prototype review

Tweaks & edits

User testing

Success Stories

Proven strategies, real results

Dive into success stories from organizations that have revolutionized their market approach and secured stakeholder buy-in using our methods and prototypes.

Demonstrate new business model viability to stakeholders

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Validate innovation direction and interest with customers

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