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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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Generative AI has potential to steadily transform the way we communicate with technology, making it more human, intuitive, and accessible. As technology continues to evolve, so does the need for interfaces that resonate with users. is an AI content writer product. It assists to create content and copy for blogs, product descriptions, company biographies, ads, social media captions, and more. While it uses generative intelligence behind the scenes, it has a traditional point and click interface. Our hypothesis is that this interface can be significantly improved using the conversational design patterns we have discussed in our previous blog.

Job map of a blogger with pain points

Subject matter experts understand their domain like nobody else, but to actually sit down and write a blog or a case study, is hard for a majority of them. 

Jasper has helped them remove some of the frictions. Applying a style guide, following a content structure, and so on. 

However, there is still significant friction to just to start writing for these experts. 

Jasper’s futuristic use case is around removing friction for these non-writers completely. It should enable your engineers who've never written a blog before to articulate the pros and cons of using AWS vs Azure, and your designers to explain the merits of using atomic design principles…

For that use case, we dove a little deeper and interviewed some non-marketing users who blog at work, using the Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) framework to identify their jobs and pain points.

We interviewed a couple of non-marketing users, who blog at work using the jobs to be done framework to identify their jobs and their pain points.

Job map of a tech enthusiast with pain points

Application of conversational design patterns 

Identify blog ideas

Generating captivating content consistently is no small feat. For non-writers, it's even harder. While they possess valuable domain knowledge and a unique point of view, translating their insights into trending topics that resonate with their target audience can be a hurdle. Time constraints further exacerbate this issue, causing friction for domain experts who do not inherently enjoy writing to create usable content.

What if omniscient can understand topics of interest to you and seed you with ideas based on popular blogs in that space? What if the omniscient bot also understands your organizations’ preferred tone of voice and other defaults needed to generate the blog? suggests new blog ideas

Seed the blog with multi-modal artifacts

Bloggers usually have some sketches that they want to generate illustrations of or quotes that they want to include or references to make in their blogs. 

What if the bot could take these artifacts - images, videos, text etc. based on literal mentions provided by the user and seed the blog with these artifacts?

Seed the blog with multi-modal artifacts

Provide suggestions to improve

What if the omniscient bot understands some key metrics that the blog should meet e.g. SEO score for it to be found quickly, time to read etc? What if it could provide suggestions for how to improve these as you are drafting the blog? 

SEO and readability suggestions to improve the blog

Provide contextual help

What if the omnipresent bot could understand the context in which you are operating and provide contextual help - for e.g. while editing text, provide help to rephrase or change the tone etc. and while editing image, provide help to remove background or clean the image etc. ?

Provide contextual help while editing the blog and images

How would it be if the omniscient bot understands your needs in advance and provides you suggestions in the shadow mode? For e.g. if you were writing a paragraph which is likely to be followed by an image and it can provide 3 suggestions for images that it can be augmented with? 

The Result: A reimagined

Meet Tom, a tech enthusiast working in an Innovation-as-a-Service company who recently got hands-on with our reimagined generative AI blog creation interface. Initially intrigued by the AI's ability to suggest captivating blog topics based on his technological interests, he soon found himself engrossed in its advanced capabilities. The AI, equipped with cutting-edge tech knowledge, generated a comprehensive outline for his blog, integrating powerful quotes from influential tech leaders and images based on his sketches or imagination. As Tom began to write, the AI became his co-pilot, providing contextual assistance and recommending improvements based on key blogging metrics. Upon completing his first blog, the AI celebrated this milestone with him, fueling Tom's passion for blogging even more. 

Jasper prototype gif

Check out the prototype here.

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