Visualizing how situational awareness and conversational AI could impact fleet operations

Product leaders at a connected car technology (over $8.8 billion) in revenue were able to leverage Zemoso’s Connect the Dots program to visualize the end state of a fleet operations management solution. They were able to shortcircuit the gated innovation process and showcase exactly what the incorporation of conversational AI and situational awareness into a single dashboard would look like — visualizing the end state in 2 weeks. 

How Our Connect the Dots Program Delivered Results

Visualize the end state

Empower visionary leaders to get their new initiatives greenlit with senior stakeholder buy-in very quickly.

Reduce iterations

Reduce feedback cycles by removing the "ambiguity" around complex use cases that decks just don't do justice to.

Ease Visualization of new tech adoption

Enable your stakeholders to visualize unexplored business use cases for new technologies like generative AI.

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