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Vision into User Experience

: Our Work with i2o Retail


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A leading ecommerce analytics SaaS provider that helps brands grow ecommerce sales in marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart.


Grow, protect, and forecast ecommerce sales through improved data-driven decision-making around pricing, selection, advertising, and supply chain.

Zemoso Labs Partnership Challenge

i2o Retail wanted to engage with their customers and prospects to showcase their product vision for an integrated offering across Brand Protector, Growth Accelerator, and Forecaster.

  1. Co-evaluate the entire design system heuristically, and deliver a new and improved design system.
  2. Deliver new user flows on an expedited timeline
  3. Create a high-fidelity prototype to showcase as a demo video to investors in four weeks.

Impact created

Zemoso created a clickable prototype with reimagined customer interactions for two of i2O's modules in four weeks through early course-corrections and faster iterations.

What are our clients saying?

Our clients love what we do:

“We had tons of meetings to create a new demo showcasing how the end users could engage with the platform. Lots of positive feedback from the customers regarding the UI. The highlight was when one customer called it ‘sexy’. The Zemoso team did a great job of bringing our ideas to life in a demo that we could showcase to our customers.”

Mukund Srinivas, Co- founder and CPO

i2o Retail

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We delivered the redesigned workflows and an upgraded design system that i2o continues to expand on as they grow and launch new features through:

Extensive Research:

We conducted extensive research on the UI/UX design of platforms that i2o would disrupt, and looked at dark-horses from outside the retail industry to find the best inspirations.

Google Ventures Design Sprint:

Using our version of the GV Design Sprint, we worked closely with i2o stakeholders to craft new key user journeys for their top priority experience. This included several lightning talks from i2o leadership and moderated Crazy 8’s for constructive brainstorming.

Stakeholder Input:

We interviewed i2o’s power users to ensure that we focused on the right “Aha!” moments in the user journey.

Service Blueprint:

We created a service blueprint to detail the pain points in the user journey.

Heuristic Evaluation of the Existing Platform:

We co-created a priority list of design objectives across the four user flows we were helping to re-imagine.

Continuous Alignment:

We did regular check-ins, and early course-corrections to ensure that we stayed true to i2o’s guidelines around the look and feel of the product.

Real Data Connect for More Relatability in Mock-ups:

All mock-ups were adapted with real-world data to make them more relatable for faster iterations, when needed.


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