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Strateos Accelerates Product Development

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$200M Series B

Biotech startup, Strateos™, partnered with Zemoso to add new features and span to their offering.


Enable scale, efficiency, and accuracy for drug discovery through robotic labs that can increase productivity and reproducibility, reduce human errors, and improve the scientist, and lab technician user experience.

Zemoso’s Partnership Challenge

Strateos™ kicked off the partnership with Zemoso with some pretty intense goals:

  1. Improve customer experience and internal processing efficiency
  2. Accelerate new customer acquisition, onboarding and growth
  3. Enabling new product line offering - Automated Synthetic Chemistry

Impact created

What are our clients saying?

Our clients love what we do:

“The Zemoso team has been super helpful, they have taken a lot of load off the existing team, we were able to churn out a lot more features because of this partnership. Our product team has been able to focus a lot on new customer acquisition and product line diversification. Zemoso development team is an integral part of our team, an extended arm to rely upon. “

Alok Gupta, SVP Engineering


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Zemoso kicked off the process with self-organized agile pods focused on achieving stakeholder alignment quickly, and reducing ambiguity for the business and the customers. Each team worked as an integral, extended arm of a product manager using modern agile practices.

Some of the practices that helped integrate within existing Strateos™ development process included:

Map, embrace, integrate, accelerate execution based on existing architecture

Agile, certified managers and technical leads trained in Zemoso’s proprietary process facilitated mapping workshops with key Strateos™ stakeholders so that Zemoso teams could embrace and align to Strateos™ existing architecture, processes and deployment methodologies.

The goal of any Zemoso workshop is to better align with the stakeholders, to ensure both acceleration and seamless integration with existing teams, design, and code. The teams had a high degree of ownership so that at the end of the day there was no line between Zemoso teams and Strateos™ teams. It was all one team executing towards shared goals with a high degree of accountability and execution.

User story mapping and seamless communication

Apart from regular agile ceremonies such as grooming, stand-ups and retrospectives, constant communication and reports were presented to stakeholders for early course-correction. Internal user story mapping workshops, journey map workshops were conducted to ensure that the Zemoso's agile teams were rapidly integrated to become an extended arm for Strateos™ teams.

Continuous metric improvements to increase productivity and quality

Metrics such as team velocity, and test and feature coverage are continuously shared with project managers to identify areas of opportunities. Debriefing decks were shared with Strateos™ engineering leadership and product/project management on actions taken to accelerate execution.

Short incremental builds and releases to enable early feedback

Strateos™ operates a full CI/CD pipeline with continuous releases that are periodically reviewed with customers to gain feedback. To work within this environment, Zemoso delivered continuous features with a high degree of quality hand-in-hand with Strateos™ engineers.


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