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How Zemoso helped a

Data SecurityTech Disruptor

Dramatically Accelerate Go-to-Market



Services Rendered

Rapid Prototyping

Continuing Design

Product Engineering

Tech stack

GraphQL, Material UI, React & Typescript, Docker, AWS, Sonar, CI/CD using Github

$45M Series B

Zemoso collaborated with a Data SecurityTech disruptor to bring their radically differentiated idea to life, and accelerate go-to-market.


Our client simplifies how companies securely store and share sensitive personal data. The founders wanted to solve pervasive data security challenges with a data storage solution that can be delivered with simple Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Zemoso Labs Partnership Challenge

The founders had a radically differentiated idea to build data vaults that can be then delivered as a service with simple application programming interfaces (APIs). They chose to partner with Zemoso to leverage our go-to-market expertise in three ways:

  1. Co-create clickable, high-fidelity prototypes on Figma to accelerate fundraising, product discovery, and customer validation with a light React JS front-end build.
  2. While the founding team focussed on developing the secure data vaults, Zemoso co-created the pilot proofs for and deployed the policy builder studio for the minimum viable product (MVP) version.
  3. Help speed up customer activation by expanding product-led adoption initiatives with SDKs, dev microsite, and mobile app.

Impact created

During the course of our partnership, we celebrated the following client wins: Speed up product introduction rate by 30% Increase velocity for initial product discovery by 35% Increased speed of implementing iterations Our client raised over $50 million in funding in multiple rounds with continuous validations from users and investors.


Series A

What are our clients saying?

Our clients love what we do:

“The product team at Zemoso worked collaboratively and closely with our internal teams to bring consistent and incremental wins. Together, we accelerated prototyping, new feature releases, and customer adoption, improving the product experience overall to drive growth all around.”


Data SecurityTech Client

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Founders’ vision to prototype

Using Zemoso’s adaptation of Google Ventures Design Sprint, we partnered with the founding team to create a high-fidelity, clickable, 72-screen prototype in just four weeks. Client tested this prototype with users, advisors, and investors, quickly fine-tuning their solution with another design sprint. We helped release iterations in quick two-week sprints.

Our client received early user and investor validation, raising their Seed round.

Prototype to launch

As our Data SecurityTech client prepared to launch their minimum viable product (MVP) version, they used our design and engineering expertise to co-create elements of the solution that'll build the user and developer experience around the data vaults.

Product design solutions

Zemoso helped co-create and imagine how end customers will use and deploy the platform. We focused on creating a best-in-class user experience inspired by continuous user-testing, advisor feedback, and rapid prototypes for new experiences.

Product engineering solutions

Zemoso provided self-organized scrum teams comprising a technical product manager, tech experts, quality analysis (QA) professionals, and others to build and deploy the studio for developers. This helped create policies, control access, and set frameworks on how to run queries using cutting-edge front-end technology.

Through the entire partnership, we employed DevOps practices to ensure fast, reliable, and efficient deployment of new front-end features, heavily automating QA, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), analytics, etc. Zemoso also set up a fast test-to-feedback loop by decoupling the front-end UI from the backend API builds, allowing new features to be previewed and validated before investing engineering resources to develop the back-end.


Product led adoption initiatives: Zemoso fast-tracked go-to-market with applications, software development kits (SDKs), and microsites that ensured faster adoption, helping users realize the power of the platform quickly. This helped shorten the feedback cycle, iterations on new capabilities, and allowed our client to create a steady stream of feature launches for incremental, product-led growth.

Zemoso’s rapid app development provided proof of value for their solution. For example, an app that took the post-COVID way of working into account was launched and tested within the healthcare industry in record time. Zemoso also created dev microsite, providing a platform for developers to experiment with and experience the solution first-hand, including well-tested examples of use by developers.

SDKs were built in 7 different programming languages for various technology platforms (Google, Desktop, etc.) that enabled developers to have pre-built recipes and accelerators to rapidly integrate the platform with other partners and vendors.

Ultimately, our client was able to prioritize their front-end and back-end development simultaneously, iterating fast without compromising on quality, with an agile engineering and design pod at Zemoso conducting discovery sprints to accelerate testing, validation, and launches of the product and its capabilities.

The partnership grew after launch as Zemoso continues to work with key stakeholders on design and UI testing, continuous integration, and continuous deployment of new capabilities. Zemoso continues to do discovery and feature sprints.


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