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Developing a

Payment System

for a Top E-retailer


Application Modernization, Payment System, E-retailer

Services Rendered

Digital Transformation

Product Engineering

Tech stack

React, Node.js, MongoDB, Kubernetes, GitHub


An e-retailer partnered with Zemoso Labs when its existing payment system no longer met the needs of its growing and rapidly evolving business. They needed to support new use cases, improve merchant experience, and service customer needs differently. They decided that an in-house payment system that adapts and scales faster was the way to go. 

The client chose Zemoso Labs for our ability to execute product development collaboratively with their team, leveraging structured frameworks and mature engineering practices. Zemoso partnered with them on specific go-live elements that were mission-critical, had hard deadlines, and required a lot of quick discovery and solutioning. 


The e-retailer faced challenges with a rigid system that limited how they managed merchant invoices, transactions, and own revenue. Specifically, they wanted to put a stop to:

  1. High Maintenance Cost: The existing system was complex, bulky, and expensive to maintain. It required significant operational oversight. 
  2. Lack of Explicit Support Features: The existing payment system lacked dedicated features like managing subscription-based services for different customer segments and service types, that they would need as the business model evolved.
  3. Traditional Invoice-Based Billing: The system relied on periodic batch processing, which prevented real-time revenue realization. This led to increased bad debt and made monitoring and managing invoices difficult.

Zemoso Labs Partnership Challenge

Zemoso Labs collaborated with internal teams to redesign and re-architect the payment system from the ground up to future-proof the solution, increase operational efficiency, and provide better control over critical processes. We applied stringent quality control and engineering frameworks to continuously align, develop, and deliver various components of the solution. 

To deliver in Phase 1, the team re-architected the system to specifically mitigate the following engineering challenges: 

Code Dependency and Migration Concerns: The platform’s large chunk of codebase heavily relied on the existing architecture. Zemoso refactored the existing code to accommodate the new capabilities our client wanted to deploy quickly, and without causing disruptions to business critical functions.

Compatibility and Integration Challenges: Existing third-party integrations, plugins, and services were tightly coupled with the current architecture. While making significant adjustments, we created and followed careful release protocols to minimize any disruptions to the functioning of the business.

The engineering pod worked on the new product launch in phases, prioritized data integrity, minimized risk of disruption, and delivered enhanced configurability with the new payment system. In Phase 1, we delivered:

  1. Developed foundational components for the new payment system.
  2. Contributed to the overhaul of several tools to align with the new system.
  3. Introduced a customizable subscription management system to meet diverse customer needs and preferences.

Impact created

Zemoso Labs delivered a solution that addressed all the above challenges within tight deadlines, with zero high-impact issues, accelerating e-retailer’s move from their existing payment system to a robust, home-grown system.

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From Complexity to Adaptability — Overcoming Rigid Systems Hurdles 

We helped our client succeed by leveraging our battle-tested innovation and execution frameworks, proactively managing risks throughout the process. 

We collaborated with stakeholders consistently through knowledge transfer sessions, backlog grooming, sprint planning, and sprint demos practices. These played a pivotal role in understanding customer requirements and adjusting to scope changes iteratively.

Transformation Highlights

  1. System Re-architecture

A pure microservices architecture, in its current form, would not be able to deliver on the configurability and adaptability requirements of the clients. We augmented the existing structure by redesigning their data stores. This enhancement improved system adaptability and made it easier to debug and identify points of failures quickly. 

  1. Migration Roadmap

We created a launch and migration roadmap that allows the new and old systems to work parallelly, interact with each other, until the full transfer was complete.

  1. Accelerated Deployment

Zemoso accelerated development timelines, enhanced productivity, and facilitated the smooth deployment of the modernized system.


Zemoso's expertise in application modernization and enterprise innovation empowered the client to replace its rigid, expensive payment system. As a result, the client is able to roll out new business models, have real-time invoice reconciliations, and improve merchant/buyer experience. Zemoso Labs is currently executing Phase 2 of the project.

P.S. We have strict Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with many of our clients. The data, insights, and capabilities discussed in this case study have been anonymized to protect our client’s identity and don’t include any proprietary information.


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