Co-creating with Productizing an innovative cybersecurity service

Co-creating with Productizing an innovative cybersecurity service

" has launched a disruptive cybersecurity cloud service, and Zemoso Labs' agile product team was an integral part of that journey. We validated our solution at lightning speed with an on-point prototype designed by Zemoso after a well-executed Design Sprint. Zemoso worked collaboratively with our internal team to productize our proprietary technology for the launch. They moved quickly on customer feedback, and fast tracked every design and development cycle without compromising on quality or attention to detail. We were able to expand our cloud service capabilities by having Zemoso take on specific aspects of the service, design it, develop it, and see it through to launch. It was co-creation at its best"

Dharmendra Mohan
CEO and Co-founder,

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Co-creating with Productizing an innovative cybersecurity service
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Tech stack
Enabled by our Engineering and Design pods

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Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form. is a cybersecurity startup that provides controlled remote access to applications and servers in minutes. is built for enterprise security leaders that want to simplify secure access for remote users, prevent sensitive data theft and gain visibility to user activity. partnered with Zemoso to help productize their proprietary technology with an easy-to-use interface.’s industry challenge

In today’s distributed work environment, companies trying to protect their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and web applications, and sensitive data must take on huge cost and effort investments to deliver powerful security. Existing solution providers require massive infrastructural installations and extensive information technology (IT) knowledge. is taking that challenge head on, with the promise of delivering robust enterprise-grade security through a browser-based approach that can be setup in minutes; no end-point installations, no infrastructure needs. partnership challenge

In the early stages of the product, wanted to:

   Quickly validate the problem-solution statements with prototypes

   Launch an minimum viable product (MVP) at lightning speed

●   Stay true to’s differentiation in the market of providing a robust security solution that is simple-to-use and setup

Rapid prototyping

Zemoso facilitated our version of a Google Ventures Design Sprint to align with leadership and identify the Golden Path. As an outcome of the Design Sprint, we helped create an 87-screen, high-fidelity prototype to test with investors, and early-adopters using Figma. They validated the problem-solution statement. Key stakeholders included the founders. 

Zemoso’s design offering’s value proposition is: enterprise-grade, powerful security delivered as a true cybersecurity SaaS service that doesn’t require the customer to install or maintain any software. To meet that, we co-created a design system that prioritized simplicity. Atomic design principles were used to design the primary user flows. 

These user flows were designed to ensure that security administrators can easily manage access controls without requiring extensive IT-setups or deep IT expertise. For users, we co-created a simple, intuitive and responsive portal. 

Our agile design pod also created detailed designs for exception flows,’s color system, logo, and all in-platform illustrations. We designed the analytics dashboard where the customer can visualize actionable summary of security violations in end user activity and application usage. 

To ensure consistency for future launches and updates, the pod provided detailed documentation based on functional requirements and variations for each component used. 

Zemoso also helped design and launch the website. 

Zemoso’s engineering offerings

Zemoso helped productize the proprietary technology that they built and reduce time to market by co-building the user and admin portals with them. In partnership with’s leadership team, we focused on the front-end, deploying workflows for different features including the dashboard. 

Zemoso used a cutting-edge tech stack best suited for the security landscape to deliver an intuitive front end. 

We followed DevOps best practices. We also helped rollout features on the front end like:

   In-portal and email notification system for real-time violation alerts

   Multi-factor authentication 

   User-login management

   Intuitive analytics dashboard 

   Payment management using a third-party integration‍

Key outcomes

Zemoso successfully helped

   Launch initial prototype in four weeks

   Launch MVP in six months

   Reduce time-to-market and fast-track user acceptance with quick implementation of feedback


P.S. Since we work on early-stage products, many of them in stealth mode, we have strict Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). The data, insights, and capabilities discussed in this blog have been anonymized to protect our client’s identity and don’t include any proprietary information.