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Industrial Safety

Building a Proactive Solution for

Industrial Worker Safety

with Everguard


AI, IoT, Industrial Safety

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Rest API, React Js, Node.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MongoDB, and Auth0


Everguard has developed a human-centric Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to address the pressing issue of workplace safety in industrial settings. This innovative technology supports industries in their pursuit of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives, and ensures the safe return of every worker to their home every day, as even a single workplace injury is one too many.


Industrial workplaces lose 99 million days due to work-related injuries, estimates the National Security Council. Though it has a substantial impact on both worker and workplace productivity, it also causes a staggering loss of about $163.9 billion. That's not all, globally, an estimated 1000 workers die everyday due to workplace injuries.Preventing workplace injuries is an important route to industrial sustainability as companies consider people their biggest asset. Effective solutions that enable accident prevention in a true sense are necessary for organizations, rather than attempting to fix the problem retrospectively.

Zemoso’s Partnership Challenge

Our partnership with Everguard was centered around:

  1. Revamping their portal entirely with the aim of creating a new product that enhanced functionality.
  2. Improving user experience.
  3. Achieve problem-solution fit with Portal 2.0.

Impact created


Better UX

What are our clients saying?

Our clients love what we do:

We hired Zemoso to help us develop our customer facing web portal for our worker-centric AI based safety platform. The journey from requirements gathering to periodic releases was very professionally managed and executed. This is an amazing team with deep technical expertise that provided exceptional support to bring our vision to life and successful customer deployment. I would engage them again in a heartbeat for future projects.

Sundeep Ahluwalia, Chief Revenue Officer,


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Our primary goal was to enhance the existing portal on multiple levels, including user experience and capabilities. Our self-organized agile pods collaborated with their in-house team to create a solution that not only monitors and reports, but also empowers field engineers to prevent and protect workers against incidents.

We enabled Everguard to go to market with the following in a timeboxed manner:

Improved User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

Our design team applied their expertise, leveraging jobs to be done frameworks, to transform the user experience and interface. This heightened customer satisfaction and aligned with Everguard's overarching mission to make it easier for workers to be safe. To ensure cohesiveness throughout the platform, we developed a new design system from the ground up that helped users navigate the platform more intuitively.

User/Client management capabilities

In collaboration with Everguard, our team added user management capabilities to their portal, streamlining operations for administrators, managers, and users by adding multi-tenancy support. This simplified the process of onboarding new users for administrators, while granting managers enhanced visibility and incident-prevention capabilities. Moreover, with Portal 2.0, users were empowered to interact with the data and provide feedback, while managers could assign their workforce to new training programs as needed.

Device management capabilities

To create an effective ecosystem for workers that ensures 360-degree safety, we incorporated device management capabilities into the portal. We developed an API that fetched the data from integrated devices, like cameras, Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) tags, and edge servers, and send alerts back to the portal in the event of an incident. This enhancement provides an additional layer of protection, enabling Everguard's AI system to detect and respond to potential hazards in real time.

Reliable alert system

Everguard's objective was to create a solution that did more than monitor and report. We, therefore, implemented a highly dependable alert system. Our team co-built a fast and reliable alert system using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Simple Notification Service (SNS), and Simple Queue Service (SQS) that seamlessly sent email and SMS notifications to field engineers in case of an incident, as well as daily summaries and reports as needed.

Scalable infrastructure

In contrast to the earlier version of the portal, which required code changes for any user or device-related modifications, our team used robust scripts to build the highly configurable new version. It facilitates ease of use, faster implementation, and greater flexibility for Everguard’s developers as they scale. This enhancement has streamlined portal management, enabling Everguard to more efficiently meet the ever-changing needs of its growing user base.

Improved accessibility with multi lingual support

To make the portal more accessible, we added multi lingual support for static and user provided data. Users with varying language proficiency have the option to switch between languages as they prefer. Ultimately, it facilitates clear communication, lowers language barriers between workers and field managers, and leads to increased productivity.

Our ongoing partnership with Everguard is an evidence of Zemoso's expertise, commitment to innovation, and collaboration.


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