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Raising the Bar of

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Innovation

with a HealthTech Startup


Medical Coding, GV Design Sprint, Material UI

Services Rendered

Product Design

Product Engineering

Continuing Design

Tech stack

React, Java, Spring Boot, Postgres, Selenium, Jenkins, Dundas, DataBricks, Storybook.


A HealthTech startup partnered with Zemoso to solve the medical coding problem with an autonomous medical coding platform and coding decision support tools that automates the mid-cycle of ‌Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).


The 2020 pandemic accelerated digitization in healthcare and insurance industries and amplified the need for “remote facilitation” in billing. Some core issues brought to the forefront were:

  1. A 250-bed hospital can lose up to $11 million in revenue due to errors in clinical documentation and coding on average.●  Inefficient billing practices cause doctors in the U.S. to lose an estimated $125 billion each year.
  2. 84% of healthcare leaders attribute decreased or lost revenue to inaccurate clinical documentation and coding.
  3. Hospital CFOs and revenue cycle VPs are facing a severe shortage within their revenue cycle management or billing departments.

Our client, a HealthTech startup in the autonomous coding arena, set out to solve this billion-dollar problem. In 2019, the company was spun out of a large Boston-based academic medical center to optimize the mid-revenue cycle for hospitals, which is the costliest component of the entire revenue cycle.

Zemoso Labs Partnership Challenge

The client partnered with us to:

  1. Create a robust product roadmap and demonstrate its unique value proposition to prospective investors.
  2. Overcome the challenges of discovery ambiguity.
  3. Accelerate the delivery of their Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Impact created

We helped the client meet its fund-raise goals by delivering a 60-screens clickable prototype at a supersonic speed of two weeks, migrating their legacy design system to a modern one in less than two months, and launching the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in three months.



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We collaborated closely with their in-house product, design, and engineering team to expedite their innovation process and deliver timely results. Through collective efforts, we were able to demonstrate agility in product delivery and help the client secure a competitive edge in the market.

We aligned with the stakeholders and team to accelerate the discovery and delivery process with quick results. During the partnership, we delivered:

  1. A successful design sprint to streamline workflows for efficient coder management.
  2. A new design system.
  3. New design system components.
  4. Migration of the existing Amplify UI to the new design system.
  5. Integrate the platform with directory services.
  6. Design the experience around the integration above.


We practice the problem-first approach to innovation from the first day of the design sprint till product delivery. So, we collaborated with key stakeholders to zero in on the problem they’re solving first using our version of Google Ventures Design Sprint and devised a strategy around it.

Atomic Design Principle

We used atomic design principles to devise the new design system. This modular approach allowed us to accelerate migration from the old design system to the new one by making the process easy, efficient, and highly testable. By isolating components and their functionalities, and enabling comprehensive unit testing, we could enhance the overall quality of the UI.

Widget Framework

We helped improve platform customizability and extensibility by developing a widget framework that enabled us to seamlessly add new functionality to the frontend application with necessary authorizations, and modify UI to match specific requirements.

Example Mapping

We effectively explored and analyzed business use cases with the help of an example mapping framework–through focused discussions, edge cases were uncovered and timeframes were compressed.

Continuous Feedback and Iteration

Agile product development requires a flexible and open process. Our engineering pods collaborated with users and stakeholders to gather feedback, analyze data, and iterate frequently. By constantly improving the product, we ensure the end product is of high quality, efficient, agile, and collaborative.


For any startup, time is of the essence, but for one in a deeply competitive industry such as HealthTech, it’s critical to deliver on time. We internalized this challenge and time-boxed every milestone to ensure we stick to the deadlines and deliver the client’s asks within three months.

In Conclusion

Our partnership of tackling innovation challenges as an extended arm of their team has been a great experience for us. We’re thrilled to continue collaborating with visionaries on the cusp of disrupting not one but two industries.‍


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