Have a compelling platform idea but can’t figure out how to showcase its value and business impact to win over stakeholders?


Proof-of-Platform Sprint

Why Proof-of-Platform Sprint?

‘Over the past decade of advising companies on their platform strategy, I’ve worked with two client scenarios: clients who’ve committed millions (even billions) of dollars to a platform strategy and failed, and clients who are hesitant to take the first step. I’m thrilled to share that I’ve partnered with Zemoso Labs to launch a Proof-of-Platform Sprint for teams that have platform ideas and are looking to confidently win stakeholder buy-in for their strategy and concept.’

Sangeet Paul Choudary

Best-Selling Author of Platform
Revolution and Platform Scale

Custom Sprints for 5 Companies

3 Weeks


Proof of Platform Sprint Overview




The sprint uniquely combines two key elements: strategic insightsfrom Platform Thinking Labs and actionable guidance from Zemoso Labs’ Connect the Dots design and AI program.

Qualified teams will embark on a customized 4-stage Sprint Workshop spanning 3 weeks. During this time, they will transform their disruptive concepts into refined prototypes for strategic buy-in from stakeholders, market testing, and the conviction to execute or pivot. The sprint is structured to pressure-test, evolve, and align every idea with real-world demands and your company's investment priorities.

Workshop Benefits

Tangible Outcomes

Transform disruptive concepts into experienceable prototypes with a clear execution strategy.

Corporate Execution Readiness

Prepare your team to navigate the complexities of corporate innovation and market disruption, focusing on concept selling and winning.


Gain access to Zemoso’s proven innovation model coupled with world-leading expertise on platform strategy from Sangeet Paul Choudary.

Transform your disruptive concepts into market-leading innovations with Zemoso Labs’ Connect the Dots program.

Connect the Dots - Working forwards and backwards

The Connect the Dots program creates the roadmap for seamless solution, user, and business alignment, ensuring your platform enters the market to dominate.

3 Weeks, 4 Phases - Concept to Commercialization for Visionary Leaders

Ideation & Strategy Development

Kickstart your journey with a strategy session, led by Sangeet Paul Choudary in collaboration with Zemoso Labs. This is a challenger session, with Sangeet challenging the assumptions that go into your platform concept. This session aims to help you understand the key risks that the concept faces from a business model and platform design perspective.

Design Sprint &

Experience a Google Ventures-Style Design Sprint, where rapid prototyping and user feedback loops are accelerated by the guidance of seasoned business leaders. Collaborate with Zemoso Labs’ design and visualization team to rapidly iterate on prototypes, ensuring they clearly communicate the intended value proposition.

Phase 3 - Concept Selling & Refinement

Showcase your high-fidelity prototype to internal stakeholders and prospects to ensure business, user, and stakeholder alignment. Iterate and refine quickly to secure conviction and buy-in within your organization for your breakthrough product and solution.

Strategic Review &
Outcome Planning

Conclude your workshop experience with personalized feedback from our team of experts, focusing on strategic positioning, scalability, and market entry. Depart with a clear execution blueprint, empowered by insights, validation, and strategic advice.

Who Should Participate?

This workshop is tailored for corporate teams committed to innovation, aiming to disrupt existing markets or create completely new business models through platform-based solutions. It's perfect for those looking to rapidly transition from concept to market-ready products within an expert-led, supportive environment.

Expectations of Confidentiality

We recognize the value and sensitivity of your innovative concepts. All participants and facilitators, including Zemoso Labs, will adhere to a strict NDA policy to ensure a secure environment for sharing and collaboration.

About Sangeet Paul Choudary of Platform Thinking Labs
About Sangeet Paul Choudary of Platform Thinking Labs
About Zemoso Labs

Sangeet Paul Choudary is the best-selling author of Platform Revolution and Platform Scale and his work on platforms has been selected by Harvard Business Review as one of the top 10 business ideas for 2017. His work has been featured on four occasions in the HBR Top 10 Must Reads collections. Since 2012, Sangeet has led executive education and strategy workshops at enterprises around the world, including 35 of the Fortune 500. He has also engaged extensively with startups helping them unlock growth with their platform businesses.

Sangeet Paul Choudary

Best-Selling Author of Platform
Revolution and Platform Scale

About Zemoso Labs

Zemoso Labs offers innovation-as-a-service with their customized, accountability-driven service model. Over the last decade, they have been enabling business leaders and intrapreneurs at enterprises create over $8 billion in value with their brick-in-the-wall contributions. They specialize in navigating scenarios with a high level of technology and/or use-case ambiguity, helping leaders take concepts from napkin to commercialization. According to CEO and Co-Founder, Satish Madhira, ‘The company specializes in helping visionary leaders create lasting legacies within their organizations.’

Zemoso Labs

Step into this workshop ready to innovate, and emerge prepared to lead the market.

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