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Three technology trends are governing the spurt of unicorn valuations in FinTech companies:  algorithm-driven offerings, embedded transaction solutions, and autonomous finance. Of the 801 companies that got unicorn evaluations worldwide in 2021, 20% (the highest number) are in FinTech. 

For all the companies entering that fray and growing despite the competition — disruptive breakthroughs are not optional. It’s a high-risk, high-reward game with an ever-moving finish line. There is only one winning hand; it's your ability to move that finish-line before your competition. 

That’s why you need continuous access to agile teams with expertise in designing and launching products with high system availability, are compliant with industry regulations, and can leverage cutting edge technology to realize the big-picture vision. 

That’s where we step in. Innovation cycles may be complex, but they can’t be slow. Combining our product expertise with your futuristic outlook, we’ll help you prototype, build, launch, and grow the product that'll keep the industry competitive. 

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De-risk innovation

Architecture & Engineering build

Scale smart! Augment your product engineering efforts with self-organized scrum teams to co-create logical and technology architecture, API definitions, integrations, and right architectural pattern for agile builds.

Automation across the value chain

Maximize the efficiency your product can deliver. Leverage our expertise in integrating disparate systems, full stack development, and artificial intelligence to create the next-gen cash management and forecasting solution.

Conversational AI & NLP

Pass the burden of leveling the playing field to your competitors. Set the new bar with conversational AI and machine learning algorithms for natural language processing that captures intent and streamlines effort.

Computer vision

Create the future of your product today. Deploy computer vision to process, analyze, and interpret visual data from printed documents and images to add unimagined efficiencies to harrowing processes.

Rapid prototyping

Find your product-market fit before you build. Launch high-fidelity prototypes in four weeks using our version of Google Ventures Design Sprint methodology.

QA & DevOps

Future-proof your product development with DevOps practices. Automate across software development and testing to improve quality and speed of new deployments.

Continuing design

Build for your users first. Ensure consistency in user experience with continuing design services that work collaboratively with product and engineering teams.

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Dallas, USA

4100, Spring Valley Road,
Suite 270, Farmers Branch,
TX. 75244.

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