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Lean growth culture to obtain data for micro-pivots and scale your market quickly

We partner with your business to test business assumptions and de-risk the practice of innovation. We build rapid market experiments to test and validate the risky assumptions. We focus on customer acquisition and activation to bring to market successful products.


Business model canvas

The Explain phase of our work is a one-hour business model consultation where we help you create a business model canvas with markets, risks, or innovations that you want to test. This process gets you a usable, one-page canvas that you can use to explain your business to customers and investors. Your growth facilitator for this exercise will be a successful startup entrepreneur who has seen, built, or invested in many successful companies. Many of our clients consider this 1:1 session to be the most valuable part of our service. It’s free.


Problem/Solution statement.
Business model canvas.

Activities & Inputs

Sessions to clarify your business model.
Consultations with professionals who have invested in, or founded many startup companies.


rapid iterative experimentation process

Our align phase work takes the form of a one-day workshop based on Google Ventures Design Sprints. During this session, we'll identify risky assumptions and come up with a plan to low cost/risk test these assumptions. We collaborate on a framework to knock off the riskiest assumptions first, and gradually and methodically de-risk the practice of innovation.


Experiment Framework.

Activities & Inputs

Design Sprint Workshop.


Test and validate software prototypes early

During the Execute phase, our growth facilitators work with you to iterate on the business work done in Explain and Align to market your product. They make quick changes, and rapid iterations to respond to the early-stage market feedback you receive, to help you de-risk your innovation as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


Go to Market plan and early messaging.

Activities & Inputs

Weekly review sessions.
Quick adjustments based on customer/market response.

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