Agile mindset, product lifecycle culture to support fast and frequent deliveries

We partner with your delivery teams to build disruptive technology products in an
agile way. We build rapid prototypes, proof of concepts to take advantage of the latest cutting technologies and methodologies.

A lean modern approach ensuring fast, frequent and high-quality deliveries is our operating principle. We architect to support your eventual market and build in to support the relevant phase of the product life cycle. Our operating principles are based on the phase of product life cycle are Map, Plan, Build, and Launch.


Logical architectural with data flow.
Prioritized matrix for scalability, agility, cyber security etc (“ilities”prioritization matrix) that support your market vision.
Functional architecture that details the various functional components.
Target architectural pattern that best supports market needs and ilities matrix.
Activities & Inputs
Minimum viable problem.
Brainstorm with stakeholders to prioritize ilities that support market vision.
Identify data/call flows between functional components.
Prebuilt ilities with comparison to inspirational companies and competitor audit.
Target architectural pattern library with industry benchmarks.


Results of proof of concepts for technology choices.
API Definition.
Physical architecture.
Cost matrix for technology choices for pilot, product and market launch phases.
Cost matrix with scale for various phases of Go To Market.
Deployment architecture that supports fast and frequent releases.
Tools matrix with costs to support deployment model.
Threat model plan outline to test iLities like cyber security identified in “map” phase.
Activities & Inputs
Brainstorm with stakeholder to identify technologies that meet target architecture.
Run POCs where appropriate to see if riskiest assumptions for ities are met.
Evaluate costs of technology components and tools.
Prioritize technologies with cost roadmap that supports pilot, product and launch.
Library of POC evaluations based on commonly used ities.


Threat models that test iLity readiness for appropriate phase of product lifecycle.
Test automation harness.
Demonstrable pieces in short sprints to enable demos to early adopters in the product lifecycle.
Activities & Inputs
Build test automation that support UI, functionality and API.
Agile ceremonies and short sprints.
Test ilities like cyber security, availability.
Library of POC evaluations based on commonly used ities.


Transition plan.
Market ready product.
Continued support for end market iLities.
Activities & Inputs
Agile ceremonies and short sprints
Productized market ready early product
We are not a late stage company, after the product has achieved product market fit, we work on a transition plan for others to continue in the later stages.

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